An Introduction

Krassimir BoyanovGeneral

Welcome to KBWEB! My name is Krassimir and I’ll be doing most of the talking. A little bit about me – I am a seasoned, veteran software developer, who has been long time in the shadows of the big enterprises. I have decided to break out recently of that status and start helping different enterprises with the wisdom I bring to the table.

Why “KBWEB Consult”?

Obviously KB are my initials. WEB is common short name for the “World Wide Web” or “WWW.” I have been working on Web Technologies for the majority of my projects. Although, that does not limit my expertise. I am also Java Enterprise developer, Database Developer, familiar with DevOps, Agile Scrum Master, Technical Lead / Mentor.


I did not intend this post to sound like a resume. Although looking back in my life, I feel proud of my accomplishments as software engineer / developer. Maybe the most exciting ones were related to my work at Motorola and Morphotrak, where the systems I developed were helping to improve the public safety! I will talk more about these experiences in consecutive posts.

My Future

I dove into the consulting world recently and my first project is not what I have probably anticipated. Nevertheless, I faced the challenges and definitely looking forward to overcome and complete the project before moving ahead to the next one!

I hope this sounds interesting to you as it does to me. I will try keep posting regularly here and share with you my experiences!