We are helping IT and Marketing to succeed with Adobe Experience Manager® (AEM) implementations

KBWEB Consult specializes in customizing and integrating the AEM Platform. We’re the go-to firm to consult with when considering your first AEM subscription because we perform a complete analysis of your current system. We answer questions such as is Adobe® the right solution to meet our stated goals?
If it’s Adobe AEM®, we can do it for you!

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Work experience includes:

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AEM Insights:

Our consultants have extensive past and current expertise in providing the following solutions:
Adobe Content Management and Marketing Development
- Digital Assets Management Systems
- Integrating the Adobe AEM and Adobe Assets with CRM, eCommerce, and PIM systems

“Krassimir and his team at KBWEB Consult helped us resolve critical problems with MSI's Adobe AEM DAM, which prevented us from launching the platform. KBWEB resolved all MSI DAM issues on time and within budget. Also, KBWEB did critical product upgrades and internal systems integrations to automate assets metadata tagging. We are looking for the next milestones of AEM work, which will help us streamline our digital assets process.”Al Pacheco, Senior Vice President at MSI
“Had the opportunity to work with Krassimir on a few projects to deliver Adobe AEM enterprise solutions. It was always a pleasure to work with a professional who went beyond and above the call of duty to get the projects done on time and with the expected level of quality that our team and projects demand.”Douglas Fajardo, CEO of Mirum Agency Miami
“Krassimir has proven to be a valuable colleague during multiple CQ5 and AEM projects we've worked on at Shimano. His technical expertise and understanding of our business made him an important contributor in achieving our digital marketing goals.”Stijn Bossink, Digital Team Lead at Shimano Europe

Hi, I’m Krassimir Boyanov

My mission is to help you turn your Adobe AEM customer facing website into your best salesperson that…

✔️ Positions your firm as the authority in your industry above your competition
✔️ Helps you scale your marketing, making it more effective and less time consuming
✔️ Elevate your firm’s Content Management Teams efficiencies, by teaching them how to make world class components library
✔️ Builds your audience of qualified leads who give you permission to market to them
✔️ Improve the ROI of your Adobe AEM Implementation by helping you achieve the best industry practices and trends
✔️ Wins you more business and more clients 24/7 even while you sleep