Four KBWEB Consult focus areas for 2021

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As we move from 2020 to 2021, it is time to start planning for the new year. At KBWEB Consult, we have identified four focus areas for 2021. These will allow us to better serve our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) customers in the coming year.

Support Customer Balance Between Online and In-Person Operations

The first focus for 2021 is to ensure that we can support any future balance between our customers’ online operations and in-person operations.

In 2020, many companies had to pivot their operations from in-person to online services as local COVID-19 restrictions closed on-premise businesses, and people stayed away from brick and mortar locations. Because AEM supports omnichannel marketing, it was possible for those companies to redirect their marketing efforts toward online visitors.

As 2021 approaches, with the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic will lessen its effects, many companies are working to re-establish in-person operations. Some have already done so.

AEM’s omnichannel capabilities ensure that the same messages can be directed to a company’s visitors, whether they are visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment or visiting a company website. With configuration, AEM can direct marketing messages and other collateral to any desired marketing channel.

If you want to ensure that your messaging can reach customers via any marketing channel, regardless of what happens in 2021, please contact us for additional information.

Speed Up Engagements by Productizing Selected Deployment Steps

The second focus for 2021 is to apply our “lessons learned” from seven years of past AEM engagements to speed up future engagements.

To achieve this speedup, KBWEB Consult plans to productize selected steps in the AEM deployment process. Rather than laboriously re-creating similar redundant efforts in every deployment, the productizing of selected portions of the deployment will allow more rapid completion, allowing customers to realize the benefits of AEM more quickly.

If you are planning an AEM deployment in 2021, now is the ideal time to talk to us.

Help Customers Realize the Benefits of AEM as a Cloud Service

As we previously communicated, AEM as a Cloud Service offers significant advantages over on-premise and managed services deployments. Therefore our third focus for 2021 is to allow more customers to take advantage of the benefits of Cloud Service deployments.

Because of the many technical considerations described in our previous article, AEM as a Cloud Service users can realize the following:

  1. High availability
  2. Automatic use of the latest versions of AEM Sites and AEM Assets
  3. Dynamic changes to AEM Sites instances to account for increases or decreases in traffic
  4. Continuous delivery of content as close as possible to the end-user
  5. Greater security
  6. Lower cost of ownership as licenses are based on actual usage

If you would like to realize the benefits of AEM as a Cloud Service, talk to us.

Support Integration with Other Adobe Experience Cloud Products

Adobe Experience Manager is one of several products in the Adobe Experience Cloud family. Our fourth focus for 2021 is to support our AEM customers’ needs to integrate with these other products.

KBWEB Consult can integrate AEM with the following Adobe products and features, among others.

Adobe Analytics. This product allows you to combine AEM data with data from other sources, analyze this data, generate deeper and more meaningful reports, and use predictive intelligence via machine learning for future planning.

Adobe Campaign. This product lets you create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic, personalized campaigns through multiple channels.

Adobe Experience Platform Launch. This feature, part of the Adobe Experience Platform set of foundational services, allows you to connect multiple technologies and deliver memorable experiences to your visitors.

Adobe Target. This product allows you to overcome the limitations of isolated testing by conducting personalized testing for every visitor to every channel.

If you want to take advantage of the capabilities of these other products and features and integrate them with AEM, please talk to us.

What Are Your Areas of Focus for 2021?

Now that you know KBWEB Consult’s areas of focus for 2021, what are your areas of focus?

  1. Do you need to ensure that you can support both in-person and online messaging?
  2. Are you looking for more rapid AEM deployments?
  3. Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of AEM cloud deployments?
  4. Do you want to expand AEM to take advantage of other Adobe applications?

If you have any of these needs, please contact us and request a free consultation. We can work together to make sure that 2021 is a successful year for you.


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