How to successfully implement Adobe Analytics to derive meaningful insights from your customer data

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Adobe Experience Manager integrates with a variety of Adobe Experience Cloud products. I listed several of these integrations in a previous article. A September article provided details on how to integrate with one Adobe Experience Cloud product, Adobe Target.

Today’s article examines another Adobe Experience Cloud product, Adobe Analytics. Specifically, it describes how it provides you with meaningful customer insights that can benefit your company.

The difference between data and insights

Any business with an online presence receives a firehose of data—more accurately, multiple firehoses of data. This may include:

  • Data from your website(s), including visits, page views, customer pathing, traffic sources, content effectiveness, and video engagement.
  • Data from a variety of other channels, ranging from your customer relationship management (CRM) system to call centers to mobile phones to a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

This data comes from multiple sources, and marketers need access to all the data to allow more detailed analysis.

But merely accessing the data from a single data warehouse is not enough. A collection of data cannot tell you why a customer takes certain actions, and how each interaction contributes to a customer’s decision to convert. You need an attribution tool that explains the value of each individual interaction. This attribution tool cannot just access data from only a single channel, but from all channels and data sources. And you need advanced analytics capabilities, including predictive analytics, to convert the raw data into true insights. This will tell you why your customers are taking the actions that they take, and how you can improve their journey.

Once you have derived the necessary insights from all of your data channels, you need to share this data with decision makers via easy-to-understand dashboards. Ideally, users should be able to access these dashboards right on their mobile phones.

Creating Adobe Analytics dashboards. Source: Adobe, Analytics Dashboards.

The technical challenges of implementing and integrating Adobe Analytics with Adobe Experience Manager

The insights Adobe Analytics provides have true benefits to improving your customer journey. However, you still need to get everything to work with your current Adobe Experience Manager implementation. Technical specialists, such as those with KBWEB Consult, can assist with this.

The first step (similar to an Adobe Target integration) is to integrate Experience Platform Launch and AEM. A technical specialist can then implement the Adobe Analytics extension and create rules to send data to Adobe Analytics.

A technical specialist can also advise on other technical aspects of an Adobe Analytics implementation, including the use of Scorecard Builder and other tools to create dashboards.

When seeking a technical specialist to assist with an Adobe implementation, it is vital that the specialist have the experience and credentials to execute the implementation. KBWEB Consult has the necessary experience and verified credentials to assist with your projects. KBWEB Consult also understands what is necessary to successfully complete an implementation project, as well as the key roles that are required for a successful implementation project.

When implementing an Adobe solution, Adobe best practices recommend a structured, phased approach. The first two phases, “Discovery and Requirements” and “Architecture,” are critical phases that your technical specialist should not skip. For an example of how these two phases are critical to any Adobe implementation, please request KBWEB Consult’s free ebook, “Building a Solid AEM Foundation with Reusable Templates & Components.” Click on “FREE EBOOK” at the top right corner of this article.

Do you need insights on your customer data? Do you want to implement Adobe Analytics to improve your customer journey and conversions? If so, please contact us and request a free consultation.


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