When to start personalizing your web site?

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The simple answer is – when you have more than one persona visiting your web site. Yes, that’s right. Personalization is way to push content to your visitors in the manner that best will resonate with them. It is a marketing trick to bring more people to your web site, who would eventually would buy your products or services.

What is a persona? What is a web site personalization?

Persona is a group of your site visitors, who have similar traits – such as gender, age, location, taste, color preference, etc… you name it.

Web site personalization is a specific categorized content catered and delivered to your site personas, well visitors.

When do I start to do site personalization?

The answer is – right away! You are already targeting a certain persona with your initial content. The question is when to make a new version or a variance of it? Experienced marketer will tell you – test it and you will know. Create a different versions of your web page or a potion of it and deliver it to your users and then measure it.

How do I measure it?

The basic reports of any analytics software will tell you how many times different versions of the page (variance) have been seen by unique visitors and for how long. More importantly what are common characteristics or traits of users selecting one given variation. Collecting data about your site use is called measuring.

These groups then can become your audience segments for you to target. Namely group of users with similar characteristics you would want to speak differently and show them that you are aware of their unique needs.

I want to go personal

Well guess – you can do that on your own, by presenting different pages to your users, but that will take a long time. You can of course go with solutions like Adobe Target. Or you can pick some more suggestions here.

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